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New Prices

New Prices

New Comic and Graphic Novel Prices
Recent political events have had a negative effect on the international currency exchange rate. Most of the comics and graphic novels we stock are bought through international suppliers who have been hit hard by this, and as a result, the price of comics has gone up.

As of Monday 18th July, comics and books we order from major suppliers will be subject to the new pricing structure. Most have increased, but we’ve kept some key price points at the same level.
As of Monday 25th July new releases will be subject to the new pricing.


$1.00 - £0.99
$1.99 - £1.75
$2.50 - £2.25
$2.99 - £2.75
$3.99 - £3.50
$4.99 - £4.50
$5.99 - £4.99
$6.99 - £5.99
$8.99 - £7.99
$9.99 - £8.99

Graphic Novels

$9.99 --- £8.99

$10.99 - £9.99
$11.99 - £9.99
$14.99 - £12.99
$15.99 - £14.99
$16.99 - £14.99
$17.99 - £15.99
$19.99 - £17.99
$24.99 - £22.99
$29.99 - £26.99
$39.99 - £34.99
$49.99 - £45.00

Items in stock now will remain the same price, but any new restocks received will be at the new price.

Please don’t ask to reserve large quantities of books at the old price to buy at a later date. As usual we’ll only reserve comics and graphic novels for seven days.
Keeping our ordering tight is now more important then ever. We’ll continue to stock the same large range of comics as before, but in much more controlled quantities.

To prevent missing a comic from a series you are reading, set up an order. 
All we need is your name, a list of series you require; your email and phone number. We’ll reserve the comics as they arrive, usually available to you in-store from 9am on the day of release.
This is a free service, and no payment is taken until you pick them up of have them mailed out.
All we ask is that you get your comics at least once a month. We’re going to have to be more strict about this than before.

Customer pre-orders are essential in helping us estimate how many copies of each comic to order. Even a slight over ordering of a few percent can cost us hundreds of pounds, and in a time when profit margins are being reduced, and costs are going up, it’s more essential than ever.

- How can WE help YOU manage the price increase?

If you have a repeat order with us, it’s easy to provide you with a list of comics you order, so you can determine which you can’t live without, and which you can cut from the list.
That should lead to having a leaner list with no excess comics that you’re not enjoying, and it shouldn’t increase your weekly regular comic bill.
If you intend to reduce, or cancel, your order, please let us know as soon as possible so we can reduce our orders accordingly.

- How can YOU help US manage the price increase?

Let us know in advance if you want to subscribe to a series. We’ll be managing our order quantities quite closely, and even though we’ll have plenty of #1 and #2 of a new series, after that we’ll keep our ordering really tight to ovoid over ordering and wasting cash.

If you have any questions about any of this, please contact us directly.

Special Orders

If you want an item that we don’t usually stock, we can order it in for you. We now take a full deposit for this. This deposit is non-refundable unless we fail to supply the item.
If you want an item that is more than £25, we can order it in for you. We now take a full deposit for this. This deposit is non-refundable unless we fail to supply the item.
We will contact customers upon arrival of the Special ordered items, and we’ll keep them reserved for seven days, giving enough time to pick up the book or have it mailed out.
If an item is not picked up within seven days the deposit is not refundable.