The Comic Book Shop in Leeds



Over the Christmas period OK Comics will have new releases available on
- Tuesday 24th December
- Tuesday 31st December.

Here are some of the services we offer to help make Christmas OK...

- Christmas Gift Forms
Comic fans can fill these in and hand them to the potential gift buyer in their life.

- Christmas Wish Lists
Comic fans can leave a list of possible gifts with us in the shop for their potential gift buyer to select from.

- Bespoke Christmas Gift Service
We encourage anybody buying a comic or graphic novel as a gift to supply us with a list of what the comic fan already has, or even a photograph of their Graphic Novel shelf, and we'll recommend the perfect new item that they probably don't even know about!

- Gift Vouchers
If you can't decide what to get, then we have gift vouchers starting at £5.

If you have any questions about these points, or anything else at all, feel free to ask in store, email them to, or message us through twitter @OKComics !