The Comic Book Shop in Leeds

Job Vacancy

Job Vacancy
We have now filled the part time vacancy here.

Customer service experience and comic book knowledge are essential.

We need somebody who is able to work Weekends, on Tuesday's or Wednesday to help process deliveries, and maybe another fixed week day. The successful applicant must also be flexible enough to cover for other staff's absences.

The shop's opening hours are 9am to 6pm.

OK Comics is a specialist retailer and our customers require a high level of product and industry knowledge from our staff, therefore applicants must have extensive comic knowledge.

Duties will include cleaning, tidying, working the till and serving customers, processing mail order, handling subscriptions, answering emails etc. All applicants must be technically competent with computers, email, ebay, facebook, twitter etc.

You must be friendly, well presented, and happy to converse with all types of customer. You must be able to use your enthusiasm for comics and graphic novels to help people find the perfect book or series for them.
Ideally, we require staff who can bring something new to the shop, something that we didn't realise we were missing. 

We've had quite a lot of staff over the years, and the best of those have understood that working at OK Comics is a more serious commitment than just a regular job.

If you have any questions feel free to post them here, or email (I may post any relevant answers here). 

You can send CV's with a short introductory cover letter to the same email, or drop them in the shop personally.

Cheers, Jared - OK